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    Any site can post a few examples of previously written KSAs and Federal resumes but doing so gives prospective clients no real indication of the type of work THEY will receive. After all, no two resumes and no two job situations are ever truly alike. Moreover, pre-existing samples may have been written by individuals who will not even be assigned to write for you. To alleviate even the most remote possibility of our prospective clients being misled by irrelevant pre-existing samples, we've creating the following solution: We simply don't post any! Instead, we invite ANYONE to put us to the proverbial test by emailing us their own existing resumes and/or KSA statements/responses for a FREE review, critique, and "power editing" sample. Take us up on this offer and you'll receive a crystal clear "picture" of precisely what type of superior work we'll do for you. We're SURE that after reviewing our response, you'll hire us to finish the job.

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