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Our specialties include KSAs & Federal Government resumes
Some of our clients are only looking to improve their existing Federal resumes. Others need several KSAs answered and entire job-winning resumes drafted "from scratch" in record time. Whether YOUR situation requires a mountain of work or just a little bit of guidance, our team of  experts CAN transform your work history into a set of powerful career building tools on paper. Unlike private sector/civilian resumes, government resumes & KSAs need to be especially detailed, requiring that writers have a strong grasp of government keywords, acronyms, and jargon while maintaining up-to-date knowledge concerning trends in Federal resume writing.

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We write KSAs that help our clients land government jobs
Superior KSA responses lead to a superior quantity and quality of government job offerings.  Our history of helping clients achieve SUCCESS proves that KSA-Help.Com is equipped to ensure that your KSA responses will EXCEED the expectations of anyone whose desk they happen to land upon.
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We deliver quality client service & 24 hour support
KSA-Help.Com features a 24 hour online customer support system designed to accommodate the busy schedules of our diverse clientele. Simply log in at any time to view your order status, to order additional services, or to communicate directly with your writer(s).

We absolutely GUARANTEE client satisfaction
Our company's history is OVERFLOWING with success stories! Consequently, we are confident enough to GUARANTEE that our clients WILL be called in for the job interviews THEY want within 30 days of receiving our work OR we'll revise their new resume(s) and/or KSA(s) at no additional charge! Better still, if there is ANYTHING about our initial output that isn't to your liking, let us know and we'll fix it VERY quickly and thoroughly. KSA-Help.Com stands behind all of our work and, as a direct result, our long-term client satisfaction rate approaches 100%.

We write MORE than just KSAs and resumes
Our secure order form offers a number of additional career-related services including but not limited to: cover letter writing, Internet resume posting, and more. With every Federal resume and KSA project that we complete, KSA-Help.Com also sends our clients a series of FREE guides/articles on techniques for more effective resume distribution, champion-level interviewing, & more!

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