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An introduction to KSAs...
While reading government job postings, you'll often discover that in addition to a resume, many job openings also require anywhere from 1 to 10 KSAs (often referred to incorrectly with a misplaced apostrophe as KSA's). The letters of “KSA” represent Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities and each KSA that you're required to submit must take the form of a short essay that showcases your knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to particular aspects of the job for which you are applying. There is a format to follow and an exact science for writing KSAs effectively. 

Professional KSA writing is very affordable.
KSA responses are only $69.95
/each. Standard turnaround time is just 4-5 days and, once completed, our work is delivered instantly via email. "Hard copies" can, at your option, also be sent via "snail" mail. For those whose schedules will not allow them to wait 4-5 days, a 3-4 day rush service is also available for an additional $39.95. *The rush fee applies only ONCE per client order. It is NOT added to each individual KSA response.

Superior KSAs and superior resumes - An excellent pairing!
As powerful as an excellent set of KSA responses is, you'll probably also need a top-notch Federal resume to "seal the deal." Our
secure order form WILL walk you through the VERY easy process of adding a new, job-winning Federal resume to your KSA order.  

KSA & resume writing services usually pay for themselves...
At only $
69.95 per KSA response and $179.95 for a stellar resume, the average client invests approximately $300 in our services. Consider, however, that hiring us to help you with your career is almost always tax-deductible. For most people, that deduction saves them anywhere from $60 to $90. Now consider the salary difference between your current position (especially if you're current "position" is unemployment!) and the one for which you'd like to be hired. If our assistance moves you into your desired government job and its accompanying salary 3-4 weeks sooner than you would have been able to do on your own, what's your net income increase over those few weeks? But what if "3-4 weeks" wasn't even close to accurate? After all, we estimate that the vast majority of our clients land jobs 8-10 weeks sooner with our resumes & KSAs than they would have with their own! Clearly, a job-winning KSA and Federal resume package is BOUND to pay for itself. Let us PROVE ourselves to you: E-mail us a KSA response/statement that you've prepared alone and, within just 1 business day, we'll send you a FREE review, critique & sample editing to demonstrate our skills. We're SURE that you’ll be impressed enough to hire us to complete your project...

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