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Federal resume and/or KSA response(s)

Job-Winning KSA Reponses – just $69.95/each
Our experienced KSA writers will thoroughly assess your Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities. Next, they'll incorporate technical writing techniques, government buzzwords, and the latest trends in Federal job develop KSA responses with which other job applicants will not be able to compete! 

Unbeatable Federal Resumes – from only $189.95 (see below)
Professionals who SPECIALIZE in government & military resume writing will complete your new, letter-perfect resume in numdays days! Throughout the resume writing process, you'll even be able to communicate directly with your primary writer. Government job interviews are GUARANTEED within 30 days of sending out your new resume or we'll revise our work at no additional charge!

Experience Level: Resume Price:
0-5 years $189.95
6-10 years $219.90
10-20 years $224.90
20+ years $229.90

Cover Letters - $69.95
Great cover letters make EXCELLENT first impressions when applying for government jobs! Ensure that your cover letter sticks out and gets the positive attention it deserves...

Follow-Up "Thank You" Letters - $59.95
Too many government job applicants fail to send "thank you" letters after being interviewed. It has been proven that sending a letter to prospective employers immediately following your interview... can dramatically improve your chances of being hired. Have us write a FLAWLESS "thank you" letter designed for YOU to use after ANY government job interview.

LinkedIn Profiles - $89.95
Have our team edit your LinkedIn profile or create a new one on your behalf.

HTML Posting Of You Federal Resume -  $49.95
Add this service to your order and we'll upload your new Federal resume to a private page hosted by us! HTML posting is available only for RESUMES (not for KSAs.)

Quality Rush Service –  $39.95
Order our 2 day RUSH DELIVERY SERVICE if you're in a hurry.
Speed will increase but writing quality will NOT decrease!

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